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The Tale of a Warrior

Monday, January 22, 2007 by Blogpur

All that needs to be said. Let's see if he can keep it up. He will.

Another Series, Another Series Loss

Sunday, January 07, 2007 by Blogpur

What is it with India and clutching loss from the jaws of victory? Other teams may lose matches and series but they either get slaughtered or are just plain unlucky, but India is a different case. They are just plain Indian. The attitude is just imbibed all over them. After a stunning and incandescent win in the first test (after being absolutely slaughtered in the ODI series, no less) India let it go as they are so capable of.

Still there are some positives which will stand India in good stead. Firstly, it wasn't a 3-0 whitewash. That in itself is something of a reprieve after going down exceptionally distastefully in the ODI series. Secondly, the resurrection of certain players. It is no secret that I am an unabashed fan of Sourav Ganguly. Whether his performances (which yielded him highest scoring Indian for the series) is just a single entity or will flow on from series to series is still yet to be seen. I believe at least 40% of Ganguly did what he did to prove himself to the world more than to save the team, although his last innings of 46 reminded all of us what a player he can be when he sets his mind to it. Staunch defence, gutsy batsmanship and incandescent strokes.

Zaheer Khan (another one of my favourites) has resurfaced for the better of all and sundry. He can now go on his way to becoming India's spearhead once again. Sreesanth had a good series, lets see how long it lasts. Kumble again proved his mettle and although some say he let India down in the final match, I say give the man a break, just because he does get 5 wickets an innings on average in the last 3years, you can't expect him to. He is after all human.

Sachin Tendulkar has now been promoted to VC (ODI series against WI). Now I realise that this maybe mainly due to the fact that if they give to Ganguly it will cause all sorts of repurcussions and we don't even know if Ganguly will play well. Still I felt Sachin should have gotten the axe along with Sehwag. For how long do we have to keep saying he is the best batsman in the world when Brett Lee outscored him last year. Frankly it's getting ridiculous and rather embarrasing.

Probably for the world cup Sehwag will be back (India has never been so liberetarian to ditch a conservative selection for such a big series) and I also believe he should be there. Sounds hypocritical considering I just launched a scathing assault at Tendulkar, but the difference lies in the fact that Sehwag is out of form for some time, not for 3yrs.

Lets see how it goes against WI. If India play to their ability, it should be a walkover. But then playing to their ability happens once every 10 or so years.