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Sourav Ganguly

You need a lot of grit to get back like he did. Now he's back. He must perform. He will perform.

“Sourav Ganguly”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Yes. I can imagine how elated you would be! He has to prove his detractors wrong by delevering and getting India out of its slump..

    Prabhu. S

  2. Blogger San Says:

    Good choice recalling him, his form seems to be good of late so let's just hope he keeps it up.

  3. Blogger Venkat Says:

    Prabhu I am extremely elated. When I read it last night here in Australia I was over the moon. Yes sam he must seize this oppurtunity and come back big time.

  4. Blogger Venkat Says:

    Edit: sorry about the typo -- san