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Never another like Sourav

As a dedicated fan, this sends shivers down my spine and sends me back to another age when India was under the command of an Indian, not an Australian.

“Never another like Sourav”

  1. Anonymous S.Karthikeyan Says:

    My opinion, he shouldn't have done this ad.

    Meanwhile, what does an Ausie do, make India lose by a huge 157 runs against south africa. (But we can't balme coach alone, can we?)

  2. Blogger Venkat Says:

    Nup we can't blame the coach alone. (I don't know if you were sarcastically saying that, but I'm serious). What we can blame is shocking selection, extreme marketing in India (yes like the ad above) and a lack of enthusiasm to win. When Dravid is the only player to ever put in any effort, you can't expect much.

    Ganguly may not have come to save India every time they were in strife, but atleast he had the best interests of the country at heart. I'm not too sure the present Indian team has that.