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MacTel Arrives!

Saturday, January 21, 2006 by Blogpur

Finally, the long awaited Apple - Intel collaboration has come into fruition with the introduction of the rather cheesily named "MacBook Pro" and the latest iteration of the iMac.

Well I am drooling over the MacBook. Four times faster it says, well f its to be believed, the awesome has just become a little more awesome.
But before jumping out with my wallet, I want to check it's compatibility, it's actual usability and effiency. Looks really good on paper, but then we have all seen what the Indian Cricket team is capable of!

The MacBook also contains Front Row (ie. a cheap copy of Windows MCE), but it does sport some other much better features including Apple's standard iLife suite, which is damn good in itself. It's also got PCI-X and a camera built in. The cost is still sky high. While many pundits and critics will be inspecting every positive and negative of Apple's latest products, one does have to be rather wary about three facts:
  1. It is the funeral of the Powerbook line of Apple's notebooks which has served the company and countless users many many many times, me included.
  2. It is also the funeral of the most stylish computer on the market - the 17inch Powerbook. Where the hell is its Intel counterpart??
  3. Read Point 2.
Anyway, its time to bid farewell to the PowerPC processor in Apple's armoury because soon you are going to see all of them find themselves outdated.

On that point, Apple's cheeky line is pretty stupid in my opinion, if you go to the Apple homepage, you will know exactly what I mean, Intel processors have done more to advance PC technology over the past decades than the PowerPC has, so I really don't know what Apple is grinning about!

Anyway, MacBook is here. It seems some wishes do indeed come true.

World's Biggest Speed Bump

Thursday, January 19, 2006 by Blogpur

No this isn't exactly about some road speed breaker. It's something a little more drastic. Click here to find out more. It's a real shame I can't make it to the lecture tonight, I would have devoured it!
Dr Joao Magueijo thinks Einstein, who did have second thoughts but never pursued them, got it wrong. He believes that not long after the Big Bang light hit a "speed bump" and is, in fact, slowing down.

Of Metres, Years and Light Years

Saturday, January 14, 2006 by Blogpur

Everyone knows that a metre is indeed just that, a metre. That's not the full story, there is more to the metre than meets the eye!

The metre was defined in 1793 for the first time, when the French government decreed it to be one ten-millionth of the length of the Earth's quadrant passing through Paris. After this arc was surveyed (incorrectly), three platinum standards were made along with several iron copies.

When the
Systeme Internationale (SI) of units was set up in 1875, the metre was defined to be the distance between two lines scribed on a single bar of platinum-iridium alloy.

The current definition of the metre is much more precise and accessible.
One metre is defined as the length of the path travelled by light in a vacuum during the time interval of 1/299 792 458 th of a second.

This modern definition takes advantage of the constancy of the speed of light, as well as the capability technology has given us to measure time and the speed of light with great precision.

The light-year
is another length standard defined in terms of time and the speed of light. It is equal to 9.47 × 1012 km.

Back to Blogging!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006 by Blogpur

Days, Weeks, Months of not Blogging have started to take their toll. Or maybe thats just the workload and the sickness. Anyway, I'm proud to announce that the Blog will be hereafter taken care of on a regular basis. The weeds that have grown up over the last period of time, will be plucked and a new grass be planted. Yes I know I am slipping into maudlin sentimentality...

Rang De Basanti.
In a total change of direction, the songs for Rang De Basanti are, in my opinion, particularly fascinating and quite brilliant. Barring the redundant title song, which sounds a lot like "Baba, Cinema Cinema", the rest of it is quite brilliant. My favourites include Khalbali and Paatshala among others. It really is the vibe of the youth bottled.

King Kong.
Brilliant. End of Story.

Can't wait to see Munich and the New World.

Finally, a hearty, albeit extremely belated New Year wish to all of you.