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Maidan ki Badshah?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006 by Blogpur

I really do sometimes wonder what India will do after Dravid and especially Kumble retire. As of now, it stands as a somehow functional two man team. Tendulkar is long past his glory days. Ganguly, well he was dropped. Laxman is just not looking decisive and dangerous, maybe a series against Australia would do him some good!

Other than them, batting wise we have Sehwag who hits a 100 every few months to seal his position. Ditto for the rest of them.

Bowlers, well since when do we have any. Chappell turned Pathan into some sort of bowler who can't bowl and a batsman who can't bat. How wonderful. Harbhajan, less said the better. That leaves Kumble and Dravid. The only 2 professionals, the only 2 capable and the only 2 doing anything. Dedicated, reliable and resolute.

It's a real shame. Kumble doesn't get his credits as probably the finest bowler to ever come out of India and one of the world's greatest. In a nation filled with batting ideals, where has a bowler like Kumble going to find his place? More importantly, where is the next Kumble going to find his inspiration?


Monday, June 05, 2006 by Blogpur

The King of Motorcycles is now available in Australia. I better start saving!