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The Atheism Question

I don't think religion as portrayed by the media or certain fundamentalist groups has any relevance to what I believe in. Every politician when going to war instantly assumes the moral high ground by claiming that "God is on my side". No, God is on everyone's side. (Some would argue then that God is on no-one's side - not true; bit of Discrete Maths proves it ;) ).

Anyway I agree with your point about God being someone there to help us. I also believe that it isn't a one way street; if one wants God's help, one must also be deserving of it. How you wish to be deserving and what you feel to be deserving is a matter to you. I don't go out of my way to be a liberal thinker; I was raised as a Hindu, I am a Hindu. I don't need to be agnostic to feel superior or comfortable about anything. I want God's help and support, God wants my trust and loyalty. End of story. How you express it is up to you. Why should I give up the wonderful Hindu religion, all its culture and history, its humanity and diligence?

Sure there are drawbacks, as there are in any religion. Much of the problem tends to revolve around caste based prejudices. But tell me, in which country is there no casteism? Britain has it all too well (Peerage? Inherited Titles?), and so every other western country has it. I am all for the abolition of such prejudices; I am not for the abolition of culture, tradition and religious symbolism - whether they be physical, metaphysical or personal.

The most common beginning for atheism is when you question simple things like "where is God?" or "if God were really around maybe he should stop all the injustices", "there is no God because you can't prove his existence." This then leads onto critiqueing the different religions of the world and their different stances and viewpoints. This then leads to a subversive cycle of cynicism and rejection.

Personally I believe it is the height of arrogance to say God does not exist because one cannot prove it. Can one prove God doesn't exist? Good luck trying.

Then there is the old point about religion vs science. For years these two have been considered mutually exclusive. It does not take a man of Einstein's calibre to point out that this is a falsehood. The more one delves into the sciences, the more one sees God's hand at play and what a wonderful job God has done.

Religion also happens to be a point of interest for all war mongerers, politicians, terrorists, extremists, fundamentalists amongst others. Proclaiming God as the reason for the destruction of lives, culture, peace and prosperity is a great fallacy. Using God in such derogatory ways is not only symptomatic of the human condition, it ostensibly represents the least love in God of all the citizens in the world.

Using God as a vehicle to commit inhumane acts is not only against the law, it is against God. Those who condone it are not doing it for God or because they believe in God.

“The Atheism Question”

  1. Anonymous Karthi Says:


    I owe a post on my thoughts.

    Meanwhile Dawkins is against the supernatural god, whose main job is create the universe including the life form and overseeing it. Who keeps his watchful eyes on us, who will punish us or gratify us...

    I think God as a placebo...

  2. Blogger Rajesh Rana Says:

    where were u???? miss u a lot.... take care....